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Protecting the Public through the Statutory Supervision of Midwives

Information for the Public

Supervisors of Midwives develop and maintain safe practice to ensure protection of you, your baby and family. They meet regularly with midwives and ensure a high standard of care is provided.

The supervisors are independent of the employer and often work in a team. Their role is different from the midwifery manager who is responsible to the employer to make sure that maternity services run effectively.

The Supervisor of Midwives is accountable to the Local Supervising Authority (LSA) and is supported in their role by the Local Supervising Authority Midwifery Officer (LSAMO).

You will find more about the statutory supervision of midwives in the leaflet opposite.

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Public Forum

The Nursing and Midwifery Council has produced the leaflet  'Supervisors of midwives: How they can help you'.

The leaflet aims to explain the role of supervisors of midwives and how to contact them.

Every pregnant woman will receive a copy of this leaflet in the Bounty Pregnancy Information Pack.


                             NMC Leafelt for the Public